Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Rider - Andy

Well that's it, I'm packing my bags, shipping the bike and told the boss he might not see me for 4 months this year. What else does a 32 year old bloke do when he's had enough of the corportate world and the Australian Government was silly enough to approve his motorbike license? G'day I'm Andy and I'm riding a motorbike through the Americas man!!

Wish I could say I've been riding since I was a little kid on the family farm. The truth is I learned to ride a bike about a year ago and there was no farm, just a wonderful but ordinary house in the outer hills surrounding Perth Western Australia. The real truth is I'm actually a pretty average rider and I'm interested to see how that's going to work out for me on the other side of the world and road shortly.

Wish I could say this trip was my idea too, it's not. My best mate Charlie has been working on this for years, but after hearing him plan every mad detail, there was no way he was going to have all the fun so I finally gave in to temptation and threw my hat in the ring. Charlie's description of loading his bike on an old steel boat and sailing the carribean from Panama to Columbia  was that exact  "I'm in" moment I believe.

Life is otherwise pretty normal for me at home. I work in the online marketing industry and live in a lovely simple home near Fremantle in Perth with my gorgeous girlfriend Cass and bouncy American Staffie Xavier.

Weekends at home are all about diving for Crayfish, barbeques with my mates and relaxing in the backyard with a cold beer and a guitar.

Well that's more than enough about me I think, I hope you can come along for ride if only by this blog.


Me and Cass

Xavier Dog

leaving it to the professionals in Vietnam

heading over for some diving on Rottnest Island

when in Vietnam, shoot an AK!

me and the lovely Cassandra 

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