Thursday, 18 August 2011

Meeting the Escobar`s

At his brother Roberto`s house, they let charlie and I sit on Pablo`s old 54 Harley Davidson

Roberto proudly displays this at his home in Medellin, Colombia

Roberto Escobar shows his wanted poster when the Government once offerred $10,000,000 for his capture.

This car was useed for drug running and even had a button to drop nails or a smoke screen from the back. It weighs 4.5 tonnes and sports a bullet hole in the passenger window.

Roberto and Pablo used to keep $2,000,000 in this hidey hole

a hidden safe room in their house

the safe house where Pablo spent his final moments

the rooftop where Pablo was shot and killed by police

the final resting place of pablo and his family

Sunday, 7 August 2011


the mad road to san gil

stunning vista

waterfall san gil

overtake on double lines on a blind corner - why not the locals reckon!

freindly looking fella

water was cold, real cold

beer stop

fort in cartegena


the popular mud volcano

we let these guys have the fun for us

ty and jill

Panama to Colombia ' The Stahlratte

end of the line - from here we sail from panama to colombia

loading my bike on the stahlratte

the 108 year old stahlratte

san blaas islands, just terrible...

arriving in colombia

alex leaps 60ft from the crows nest

local fisherman kept us well fed

feeding time

unorthodox unloading of our bikes back to land


picking up our bikes after a few days on the islands of bocas del torro

resting up at a hostal in panama city

we all seek shelter under an over pass just prior to a massive downpour

Ty finds a few snacks under the bridge